A Message from General Fred Franks

Dear Jayhawk Desert Storm Veterans and your Families.

I remain forever proud of our combat service together on Desert Shield and Desert Storm and the service of our Families at home. Time does not dim the memories of your intrepid courage, teamwork, razor sharp training, and…

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We are an organization formed for veterans who served in Desert Storm, including military, civilian and family members. Membership benefits include scholarships for eligible families of deceased veterans and association events, such as our annual dinner, and other events held throughout the country via our local chapters.

Our History

When Iraq invaded Kuwait and refused to obey United Nation’s resolutions, VII Corps became the first of the forward deployed Corps to be redeployed to another theater. There the VII Corps faced, and mastered, numerous challenges after arriving ready for combat in Saudi Arabia. This is our story and we will not forget.


The VII Corps Desert Storm Veterans Association is a tax exempt organization under 501(c)(19) formed for members of VII Corps who served in Desert Storm. We are an organization of VII Corps veterans who strive to preserve and foster camaraderie, provide charitable assistance, foster fraternal relations, and provide a network of soldiers and families.