“Under a picture of the dedication stone for Gulf War Veterans at Arlington National Cemetery, our VII Corps Desert Storm Veteran’s Association has written, ‘We Won’t Forget, Ever!‘  That picture and caption have been the cover for every Memorial Service we have conducted in remembrance of those VII Corps soldiers who died in the service of our nation.  That little phrase, ‘We Won’t Forget, Ever!’ is not a statement of fact or of history;   it is a statement of our mission.  Remembering these ‘heroes proved in liberating strife’ is part of what unites the VII Corps Desert Storm Veterans Association.  In a very real way we dedicate what we do to them.   May remembering them by name inspire us all to honor them by what we do together.”

Staff Sergeant David R. Ames ・ Sergeant Tony R. Applegate ・ Fusilier Paul P. Atkinson ・ Staff Sergeant Russell F. Awalt ・ Specialist Cindy M. Beaudoin ・ Sergeant Lee A. Belas ・ Specialist Charles L. Bowman, Jr. ・ Fusilier Alexander Bunney ・ Sergeant Jason C. Carr ・ Specialist Clarence A. Cash ・ Specialist Gerard A. Cohen ・ Fusilier Conrad P. Cole ・ Specialist Melford R. Collins ・ Major Mark A. Connelly ・ Private First Class Ardon B. Cooper ・ Specialist Gary W. Crask ・ Lance Corporal Stephen R. Crofts ・ Specialist Mark R. Cronquist ・ Sergeant David R. Crumby, Jr. ・ Specialist Roy T. Damian, Jr. ・ Private First Class Candace M. Daniel ・ Private First Class Robert L. Daugherty ・ Specialist Manuel M. Davila ・ Staff Sergeant Tatiana Dees ・ Sergeant Young Dillon ・ Private Neil W. D. Donald ・ Sergeant David Q. Douthit ・ Lance Corporal Francis C. Evans ・ Private Martin Ferguson ・ Specialist Douglas L. Fielder ・ Private Michael L. Fitz ・ Specialist John C. Fowler ・ Sergeant Kenneth B. Gentry ・ Fusilier Richard Gillespie ・ First Lieutenant Daniel E. Graybeal ・ Private Thomas Haggerty ・ Staff Sergeant Garland V. Hailey ・ Sergeant Tracy Hampton ・ Staff Sergeant Steven Hansen ・ Sergeant Jimmy D. Haws ・ Specialist Wade E. Hector ・ Warrant Officer Kerry P. Hein ・ Specialist James Heyden ・ Specialist David L. Heyman ・ Lance Corporal Terence T. Hill ・ Private First Class Aaron W. Howard ・ Specialist Jimmy W. James ・ Specialist Thomas R. Jarrell ・ Staff Sergeant Jonathan H. Kamm ・ Grenadier Paul P. Keegan ・ Specialist Anthony W. Kidd ・ Captain Joseph G. Kime, III ・ Private First Class Reuben G. Kirk, III ・ Private First Class David W. Kramer ・ Sergeant Edwin B. Kutz ・ Private John W. Lang ・ Fusilier Kevin Leech ・ Corporal Scott J. Lindsey ・ Specialist Gary W. Mahan ・ Warrant Officer Christopher Martin ・ Corporal James R. McCoy ・ Driver Jason P. McFadden ・ Specialist Jeffrey T. Middleton ・ Specialist James R. Miller, Jr. ・ Private First Class Mark A. Miller ・ Staff Sergeant Randall C. Mills ・ Specialist Phillip D. Mobley ・ Sergeant Nels A. Moller ・ Warrant Officer John K. Morgan ・ Staff Sergeant Donald Morgan ・ Private First Class James C. Murray, Jr. ・ Specialist Donald R. Myers ・ Guardsman Christopher A. Napier ・ Sergeant Cheryl L. O’Brien ・ Private Anthony T. Patterson ・ Specialist Dale L. Paulson ・ Specialist Kenneth J. Perry ・ Warrant Officer David G. Plasch ・ Sergeant Dodge R. Powell ・ Sergeant Ronald M. Randazzo ・ Private First Class Jeffrey D. Reel ・ Private First Class Todd C. Ritch ・ Lance Corporal Robert A. Robbins ・ Sergeant Stephen R. Robinette ・ Staff Sergeant Michael R. Robson ・ Private First Class Scott A. Rush ・ First Sergeant Henry J. Sanders ・ Specialist Manuel B. Sapien, Jr. ・ Sergeant Baldwin Satchell ・ Fusilier Stephen T. Satchell ・ Second Lieutenant Kathleen M. Sherry ・ Staff Sergeant Christopher H. Stephens ・ Specialist John B. Stephens ・ Private First Class Adrian L Stokes ・ Sergeant First Class Gary E. Streeter ・ Sergeant William A. Strehlow ・ Major Earl K. Stribling ・ Staff Sergeant Roy J. Sumerall ・ Specialist Peter L. Swano, Jr. ・ Warrant Officer George R. Swartzendruber ・ Private Robert D. Talley ・ Fusilier Lee Thompson ・ First Lieutenant Donaldson P. Tillar, III ・ Specialist Steven R. Trautman ・ Private Roger E. Valentine ・ Private First Class Charles S. Walker ・ Specialist Thomas E. Walrath ・ Specialist Troy M. Wedgwood ・ Leftenant Edward A. Whitehead ・ Sergeant Scotty L. Whittenburg ・ Private First Class David M. Wieczorek