Jayhawk! The VII Corps in the Persian Gulf War

by: Stephen A. Bourque

The arrival of Jayhawk-the historic nickname for corps having the number seven-with its armor heavy forces gave the coalition the offensive option to drive the Iraqi Army out of Kuwait, but the rapid conclusion of the popularly known 100-Hour War with smart bombs, precision-guided weapons, and efficient electronics fostered what Stephen A. Bourque calls the illusion of a simple, almost push-button, operation with a preordained outcome. Arguing that the endeavor was anything but simple, Bourque tells the full story of the VII Corps from its deployment to Saudi Arabia, through its phases of preparation and its offensive against the Iraqi Army, to finally its return to Europe and the United States, in the process bringing alive the scale and complexities involved in assembling, moving, and controlling men and materiel.

Into the Storm

by: Tom Clancy

Working in collaboration with General Fred Franks, Jr. (Ret.), who commanded the main Coalition force that broke the back of Saddam Hussein’s Republican Guards during the Gulf War, Clancy explores the nature of war and command from the inside. He offers a minute-by-minute account of ground combat during Desert Storm, much of it told in Franks’s own voice, as well as a thorough analysis of the decisions that were made and the strategies and tactics that were used. Just as important, Clancy also tracks the evolution of America’s Army as it moved, in a single generation, from the triumph of World War II to the embarrassment of Korea, and from the tragedy and waste of Vietnam to dominance on the sands of Iraq and Kuwait.