Dear Jayhawk Desert Storm Veterans and your Families.

I remain forever proud of our combat service together on Desert Shield and Desert Storm and the service of our Families at home. Time does not dim the memories of your intrepid courage, teamwork, razor sharp training, and discipline that led to our historic Victory VII Corps won in offensive combat. We fought and won together, all arms and services, the most difficult of operations, conducting a mounted large-scale five-division, offensive combined arms team operation that as part of the Coalition liberated Kuwait. We fought and won together the largest tank battle in the history of the US Army. I remain forever proud and humbled to have been your Commander.

In 1995-1996 we formed this Desert Storm Veterans Association. Our objectives are:

1) to continue our combat friendships and camaraderie;

2) to reach out over the years and especially recently to help each other and with the VA as increasingly needed now for conditions developed during our service;

3) to remember and record for history and ourselves what we did together to win that Victory and to pass on enduring battlefield truths for future generations;

4) to remember and record for history, ourselves, and future generations what our Families serving at home did with their own brand of courage;

5) to fulfill our promised trust to each other to always remember and honor each of our Fallen as we do each year by calling each of their names in a Memorial Service;

6) to create and sustain a Scholarship Program for next of kin of our members for them to build a future for which our 111 comrades gave in Lincoln’s words, “that last full measure of devotion.”

Now in this year 2023 as we reaffirm our noble cause with renewed and newly created ways to fulfill our vision, and on behalf of our President Col (ret) Mark Rado and our DSVA Board, I want to invite each of our Veterans and Families to join with us as so many of you already have to fulfill that trust to each other and to our Families and future.



Fred Franks

Gen,US Army (ret)

Chairman VII Corps DSVA