30th Anniversary Commemoration of Desert Storm to all VII Corps Desert Storm Veterans And Families

By February 24, 2021News
Then-Lieutenant General Fred Franks during Desert Storm

Today, 24 February, marks the day 30 years ago when we began our attack to destroy the RGFC in our sector of attack and as part of the Coalition to liberate Kuwait. Time does not dim the memory of your skill, courage, and selfless sacrifice in our rapid 250 kilometer, 89-hour mounted armored combined arms attack that, as part of the Coalition 24-28 February 1991, won a great victory and accomplished that mission.

The battle VII Corps fought day and night on 26-28 February 1991 in Southeast Iraq and Northern Kuwait was the largest tank battle in the history of the US Army. It was an attack of historic proportions over distances and at speeds unmatched, in sandstorms and rain, day and night. It was made possible by the extraordinary courage, skill, disciplined teamwork and fierce, no quit grit and will to win of all of you, soldiers and leaders. It was fast but it was not easy.

I want to say thanks with deep affection and respect how enormously proud I am of all soldiers and leaders, all 146,000, in VII Corps and what we all did together 30 years ago, as well as to all of your families who served with their own brand of courage in Germany and the USA.

We continue to remember and honor the 111 of VII Corps who died from all causes who, in Lincoln’s words, ‘gave that last full measure of devotion’, and we remember their families.

Today, on the eve of our ground attack 30 years ago, I remember deeply what an honor it was to serve in your ranks and to lead VII Corps into battle. Truly life’s great and humbling privilege. JAYHAWK!!

General Fred Franks (signature)

Fred M. Franks
General, US Army (retired)
Chairman VII Corps DSVA Board of Directors