General Fred Franks 2014 Christmas Day Message

By December 25, 2014News


Greetings fellow VII Corps Desert Storm Veterans and Families,

On behalf of our VII Corps DSVA Board, Denise and I want to wish all of you our very best for Christmas, for this holiday time, and for all of 2015. Our first thoughts are also to those serving our Nation today in our Armed Forces, many deployed in new and old combat mission areas, to include many of you, and many of your own sons and daughters as well as grandchildren. Merry Christmas to all of them and all the best as well to all of them and their Families for all of 2015.

We well remember that Christmas and holiday season 24 years ago in 1990 when our Corps was being assembled in Saudi Arabia with some units already completely deployed, others deploying at this time, and others remaining to be deployed, while our Families were at the same time organizing themselves in our communities. We remain honored and proud to have served with all of you and recall with great clarity your boundless courage, sharply trained skills, and selfless leadership and teamwork. Our Families in Germany, the USA, and from the UK served then as now with their own brand of courage.

All our very best this December 2014, with a reminder also of our 24th Anniversary Reunion on 28 February 2015 as well as asking you to save the date for our 25th Reunion on 27 February 2016.

Fred and Denise Franks