General Fred Franks 2014 Veteran’s Day Message

By November 9, 2014News

Dear Fellow JAYHAWKS and your Families,

My wife Denise and I and on behalf of our VII Corps Desert Storm Association Board want to wish all our VII Corps Desert Storm Veterans and Families all the very best this Veterans Day and every day. Thank you for your courageous and selfless service to our Nation in VII Corps during Desert Storm as well as your Families who served with their own brand of courage. You made a difference when it counted, as VII Corps Veterans who continue to serve are doing during current operations. We also honor and remember those of VII Corps who in Lincoln’s words, ‘gave that last full measure of devotion’ and their Families who endure the pain of their loss this Veterans Day as we do at our annual Reunion Memorial Service each year. I value our wartime service together with all of you and remain honored to have been your commander as Denise values the invaluable Family contributions at home. We both continue to treasure the friendships over these 24 years.

We hope to see many of you at our Reunion on 28 February 2015 at Ft. Myer, VA.


Fred M. Franks
General, US Army (retired)