President George H. W. Bush

By December 1, 2018News

My wife and I were deeply saddened this morning to learn with all of America of our loss of President George H. W. Bush. We send our deepest sympathies to the Bush Family and on behalf of Desert Storm VII Corps Veterans and Families everywhere and our VII Corps Desert Storm Veterans Association.

President Bush was our inspiring and the very epitome of Commander in Chief during the first Gulf War. He led with a strategic vision, clarity of mission, inclusiveness, and with steel in his will we could feel from the Oval Office to our tank turrets. His inner strength, his deep humanity and genuine love for our country and a heart for his troops were everywhere apparent to us all. It was then during that war, and it was later when he attended at Ft. Myer in 1999 our Memorial Service honoring each of our Fallen by name and in his inspiring, deeply emotional talk to our Veterans and Families at our Reunion Dinner.

A man of honor and valor, President Bush was a giant of a patriot, committing his life in genuinely authentic public service, inspiring and motivating us all to do more to advance the ideals of America and to have the courage to stand up and defend them when that was necessary.

A great man and President for the ages by any measure. I was deeply honored and humbled to know him and as with us all to serve in his ranks.

General Fred Franks (signature)

Frederick M. Franks Jr.
General US Army (retired)
VII Corps Commander Desert Storm
Chairman VII Corps Desert Storm Veterans Association